We offer naturally good food that is mixed between the Mediterranean, Asian, Intercontinental and Middle Eastern taste all baked in the oven and grill on charcoal which we can say is like having good healthy food at home but in Hayat's. 

The Founders

The Founders

 Wstarted as 4 childhood friends and brothers who have love for travel and food which inspired us to start this restaurant which came with lots of challenges on the way one of them a sudden loss of a friend and partner late “Waleed” and the loss of a father who we gave the name of the restaurant after him and embraced these difficult circumstances’ to challenge and make the project happen and successful for them.  

We thought there is something magical about healthy food, but we realized that a lot of people link healthy food to diet or tasteless food. So, we asked ourselves: why can't healthy food be good delicious and full of flavors? 

When we looked around for inspiration, we were drawn to the richness, flavours and natural healthiness of editerranean, International and Asian cooking.


We base our food around healthy lifestyle diet, meaning our menu focuses on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds and unrefined cereals. We look to replace butter with healthier fats such as olive oil, use spices and herbs instead of salt to flavour dishes and look to encourage more chicken and fish in our diets, with a little red meat thrown in for good measure. We do also understand the need to have a treat, be it a soda drink or something sweet, but only as a small part of our diet.